Mgr. Ivanka Kowalsky, MSc

Interior designer

Interior designer Ivanka Kowalski has been interested in design all her life. After graduating in mathematics, she decided to do what she enjoyed, studied design and has now been doing it for over 20 years. Her studio is based in Prague, where she also carries out most of her commissions, but she designs projects all over the Czech Republic.

He focuses on more luxurious residential interiors, private villas and apartments, and additionally designs commercial interiors. Her ideal client is one who knows what they don’t want, has an idea of what they would like, but can give her some creative freedom.

Ivanka says it’s important that she and her client fit together in style. She keeps a similar handwriting across executions and most people who approach her have seen her work, so they know what style to expect.

According to Ivanka, it is important to remember that reconstruction is time and money consuming and usually takes longer and costs more than clients initially think. At the beginning of the cooperation, it is essential to think everything through thoroughly, to come up with an overall interior concept, either on your own, with an architect or a designer, and then to start buying furniture.

Ivanka proceeds by finding out as much information as possible from the client, what his intentions are and what he expects. Then she tunes the layout, materials and colours, how the overall atmosphere of the interior should look like. In the last stage, she makes a detailed design and then the actual implementation follows until the final form of the new home.


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