Ing. arch. Veronika Jilčíková, Ph.D.


Veronika Jilčíková is the leader of a five-member team of architects and interior designers from Brno. They cooperate on various types of commissions, ranging from reconstruction of all interiors, through the design of new family and apartment buildings, industrial hall projects to public facilities.

As she says, they are not a classic studio and they don’t even have a website, because clients find them on their own based on recommendations or by watching the realisations. The ideal client for them is one who comes with confidence and takes their advice.

It is then up to the architect to point out possible bottlenecks and unpredictability, as clients often have distorted ideas about the implementation dates. For example, an interior transformation, if building interventions are involved, is no small matter and usually takes months.

Choose your architect with your heart

According to Veronika, the most important thing about working with clients is the first meeting and mutual attunement to the assignment so that they understand it correctly. She believes that every interior does not have to be the same. It has to have a “part” of the client who ordered the assignment. She then develops a few ideas, presents them to the client, tweaks them and finalizes them into the final graphic state. Once the client has agreed, the designers are asked for their proposals, the designs are priced and once the contractor has been chosen, the construction can begin.

What Veronika enjoys most about her work is the variety, because no two jobs are the same. She also applies psychology to her work, because during the realization she needs to perfectly perceive not only what the client needs exactly, but also what is the right design for a given place and space.

In terms of style, she is closest to minimalism and functionalism, but they are never a dogma for her. She prefers a lot of light in her interiors and always works with it. She also tries to make the most of the views, opening up the houses to the outdoors and creating a connection between the interior and the surroundings. In her designs, Veronika clearly favours natural materials and simplicity of colour with attention to detail. Her favourite materials are wood, stone, glass and decorative squeegees.

She says that she is lucky to have clients who come to her with confidence, and she tries to repay them with maximum attention, or to put a piece of herself into the project. The fact that every client is different means that the work is different for each one. Although Veronika has a certain professional handwriting, she does not stick to one type of scheme. It is this diversity that is charming about the work of an architect. The main goal is a satisfied and enthusiastic client who comes back and recommends Veronika further.


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