Personality in every piece of furniture.

Custom interiors made in the Czechia. Atypical furniture and a guide to the entire realization process.

For us, the kitchen is not only a kitchen.

Using the most modern technologies and quality craftsmanship, we produce kitchens of the highest quality for you.

Interior furniture and accessories according to your wishes.

We can deal with atypical space and unusual requirements of your or our architect.

Interior designing makes us happy

When it comes to interior designing, we will help you to make your dreams come true to make your new living comfortable. Whether you are already cooperating with an architect or not, we will guide you through the whole transformation process from design to tailor-made atypical furniture reflecting your personality. Everything is Czech made based on your demands.

Are you an architect?

We send you our offer to show you how our atypical furniture is made and how we can transform your project into final pieces of furniture and equipment made by us. You can then offer extraordinary designs reflecting your creativity to your clients whilst we deal with the rest – producing, finishing, installing and fitting. With us, there is no need to hold back.

High-quality customer service
Atypical furniture and design
Czech quality guaranteed

Realized projects

We can design the whole made-to-order interior such as floors, furniture, and even accessories. We can transform a common space into your dream home according to your needs in order to make your living comfortable whilst meeting the highest requirements. We cooperate with skilled architects whose way of work matches with your personality and requirements. Small projects can be executed by our team of interior designers.

Our people will guide you

Our interior assistants will guide you through the whole process of designing and implementing the interior transformation. Our interior assistants‘ skills save your time and energy. They help to find a solution for each part of the project and prevent troubles in order to meet your requests, not to accept compromises. Their effort allows you to focus on your vision and needs. Even the production of atypical furniture is no source of worries for you then.


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