Ing. arch. Pavel Kostka and Ing. arch. Jana Kašparová

Čtyři stěny

Ing. arch. Pavel Kostka and Ing. arch. Jana Kašparová combined their passion for architecture into a unique team. Together they form Atelier ČTYŘI STĚNY, where they offer comprehensive services in the field of architecture. Their specialization lies mainly in the design of interiors and residential buildings. They like to focus on the overall design of the space, from the material scheme and functional links to the smallest detail. Their goal is to find a solution without compromise that fully meets the needs and ideas of their clients.

Since every space and every client is unique, they believe that the best ideas and inspiration come spontaneously. Most of the time, this happens the first time they meet a client or see a particular space. At the same time, they pride themselves on the fact that every project they work on is a challenge and an opportunity to create something unique. Mutual trust and openness to new impulses are key for them.

They say that they don’t primarily try to push their own opinion on interior design, rather they listen and gradually guide the client to a refined solution. As a result, their favourite projects are those that manage to be completed in as much detail as possible. Such projects, however, are created mainly thanks to clients who are willing to truly enjoy the collaboration. Pavel and Jana’s motto in life is “the devil is in the detail”. In other words, although a project may seem simple, it is the little things and inattention to them that can complicate the whole project.


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