Ing. arch. Tereza Červená, Ing. Ing. arch. Jakub Svitek

Architects, designers

Ing. arch. Tereza Červená and Ing. Ing. arch. Jakub Svitek are the founders of the Czech-Slovak architectural studio ČERVENÁSVITEK.

The friendship of the two founders has been inseparably transformed into an architectural creation that has led them to design in many cities and regions of their native countries. The pair were united by their love of space, technology and the materialization of ideas.

Architect Tereza Červená says she likes the combination of artistic aspects with technology and rational thinking. The proposed project should evoke an emotion, but at the same time it should work, the interior must be well thought out, so that it is easy to live in and nothing is impractical or ill-conceived.

Orders of the ČERVENÁSVITEK studio consist mainly of complete designs or reconstructions from cabins in the woods, through interiors in the centre of Prague and Bratislava, to family and apartment houses. As they say themselves, it is not the space or the type of order that is important to them, but the client they work with.

The ideal client is a person with an open mind

At the first non-binding consultation, the architects find out the client’s ideas and wishes and try to get a feel for them. At the same time, the client also finds out if they will be comfortable working with them and if they understand each other. According to Tereza Červená, it is essential that clients choose an architect for the project with whom they understand and trust each other.

When a client comes in with an idea, it is important to take a broad view of the project and point out any pitfalls that may arise. At the same time, it’s important to be able to imagine that the space people are used to being in could look completely different. Architects often come up with an unusual idea that the client hadn’t thought of before, but then they are blown away and live much better than before.

The whole collaboration is quite intense, with the architects showing different solutions in a series of consultations in order to arrive at an interior design that will be a pleasure to live in and that the client will be delighted with. Only when the client is delighted with the design do they proceed to the implementation documents and start building. At the same time, the architects keep an eye on the project until the very end.

People rarely imagine how demanding the process is, how many things have to be thought of at the same time, what has to be taken care of, organized and planned, from the layout itself, to the choice of materials and colors, to the furnishings and every detail during construction.


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