Custom wardrobes have become a design hit

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Do you want a dressing room, built-in wardrobes, bookcases and other custom wardrobes to meet your demanding requirements? Premium quality materials and perfect craftsmanship are our privilege.

Unique atmosphere

The Czech company SYMA Living has been focusing on custom-made furniture production for 25 years. Recently, tailor-made wardrobes have become increasingly popular. With the help of state-of-the-art production technologies and craftsmanship precision, the entire space of the apartment becomes airy and exudes a unique atmosphere. It is not just a storage space, but a newly created part of a cozy home. Custom-made wardrobes are made of premium materials, which are the hallmark of a high standard of living.

In the beginning is the proposal

We are aware that each customer has individual needs. That is why, in addition to custom-made furniture, we have been specializing in turnkey interior design for many years. We consult with you in detail first and listen to your requirements and wishes.

Whether you want a custom dressing room, built-in wardrobes, libraries or atypical storage, our team of interior designers is always ready to process a design solution that resonates with you. You can rely on us to fulfill even your most secret wishes.

Materials we stand by

Luxury materials, together with the flawless work of our own team of craftsmen, are the basis for the highest quality of the final element for your interior. Thanks to our company’s tradition since 1995, we have had the opportunity to create interiors for demanding foreign clients and meet challenges that have moved us forward.

We have established cooperation with companies that supply premium materials. Your custom-made wardrobes will thus be created from first-class raw materials, including the smallest details such as fittings. It is our honour and privilege to create an element for your space.

High standard of design

Our interior designers take a personal approach. They find out what materials and cabinet décor resonate with you the most. You have designs that create a symphony of glass surfaces, original mirrors, ecological wood materials of the highest quality, robust laminate as well as durable lacquered surfaces.It is up to you which materials will play the main role. Let yourself be inspired by our realizations. Cabinets are no longer just a storage space, they are important for the overall design of the interior.

What will be your wish?

Do you want a custom dressing room, built-in wardrobes, libraries and other custom furniture? We are here to fulfill your wishes as well. Our designers will prepare visualizations in which you will clarify your preferences and requirements for materials and color tuning of the space. We will provide you with complete implementation and assembly of the wardrobes. We will see to it that your most demanding ideas are fulfilled. We have our own team of professional craftsmen who have become masters in their fields over the years.

When dreams of a dressing room come true

Having a dressing room made to measure is a dream of many of us. In this space there are no limits to imagination and the only important indicator becomes the experience of the overall result. The play of light and colours, functional corners and practical design elements, the variability of the space and its style will help your creativity. A modern space in which you feel full of energy and feel the influx of imagination and joy. We are ready for your requirements, do not hesitate to address us with a non-binding demand.

Say YES to uniqueness

Built-in wardrobes and a library are a space that helps us shape the day-to-day running of our home. Create an interior that you will love to return to. Just the right way to feel comfortable in it. Don’t be satisfied with a uniform solution, go your own way. The one that meets your requirements and works best with the layout of the entire space. Furniture made to measure will not only preserve your items, but also tell the story of residential design.

Contact us and together we will find a suitable solution for your spaces. Our team is here to help you realize your dreams of living.


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