Tailor-made kitchens present a vision without compromise

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Modern and efficiently furnished kitchens are the foundation of the home. Tailored kitchens are a clearly stated vision to be satisfied with only the best solution.

Perfectly utilised space

SYMA Living – This is a Czech company that has been specializing in creating craftsmanship-perfect interior work for more than 25 years. Would you like a turnkey interior, custom-made furniture or perhaps a beautiful custom-made kitchen? With an individually designed space, you have a unique opportunity to use every inch of space for the installation of furniture units. Why settle for a compromise when you can go your own way?

High standard

Do you want premium materials for your kitchen that reflect current trends in interior design? Or do you already have your own vision of how the whole should work? Let us take care of your project and cherish it from the very beginning. Our goal is your happy home. An inspirational space in which to create your stories.

You have a team of professionals at your disposal

We are aware of the trust you place in us. Our team of professionals takes care of your custom kitchen, which is composed not only of interior architects and designers, but also of the own backgrounds of craftsmen of many professions. It is thanks to our own team of 180 employees that we are ready to fulfill any dream. We are happy to meet even the biggest challenges.

The proposal addresses every detail

The kitchen space is the place where we wish to have everything perfectly furnished. That’s why the entire production system consists of many detailed works, which are quickly connected to each other. With our interior architects, you will create a 3D model of the kitchen interior. We will devote every element to detail so that it becomes the most useful place. You will try out colour visualisations that will tell you what material and surface finish will resonate with you the most. Of course there are expert technical drawings.

We have the preparatory work in hand

To make sure that the kitchen works perfectly, we will do a focus and find out which professions will take care of the best result of the preparatory work. By the time your dream kitchen is produced in the workshops of our craftsmen, modifications are already under way: plumbing, plaster and plasterboard ceilings are ready in time. Your kitchen can be transported to the place. We are going to the final.

Welcome to the new kitchen

We are ready for the handover of your kitchen. Its composition is exactly what you wanted. We have focused on the smallest details. The tailor-made kitchen is in line with your unique taste and concept of life. It is equipped with the most modern appliances that will make the preparation of meals fun. The kitchen is ready for a new and happy phase of your life. We are thrilled that you are satisfied with the result. Creating custom-made furniture is both a joy and a privilege for us.

Our work speaks for us

Every project we encountered was unique to us. We have enjoyed designing for more than 25 years and since then we have had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of projects. Our customers most often want turnkey interiors, luxury furniture made to measure, or premium quality kitchen units. We are a company that is used to the most demanding requirements from foreign clients, which we lovingly fulfill to the last detail. Be inspired and go through our realizations.

Do you want a non-binding consultation? We will discuss the possibilities your space offers. Contact us and share your questions with us.


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